MEXICO Report #2


It's time to drop the more or less chronological narrative of our adventure in Veracurz. Every day is different, yet having all the same elements of excitement, discovery, and wonder. One day flows into the next seamlessly and timelessly. Here is what we are seeing as we shop and tour about and enjoy sitting out at Rancho San Gabriel and take it all in...


Spring in Mexico seems to be the time trees shed their leaves in preparation for new growth. Despite being deciduous, they have retained their leaves all winter making Veracruz the perpetually green place that it is. Many trees are flowering now. This picture was taken going down the road leaving Rancho San Gabriel.

Here is the entrance to Rancho San Gabriel - the Bouganvillae is full magnificent bloom.


This is the bridge crossing the Rio about a mile below where John and Anita live. All roads winding through the steep countryside of this area are narrow and this bridge was certainly no exception. We had a few second thoughts about crossing since the bridge was only one lane and was missing some guard rails, if you could call them that. It WAS almost 100 feet down to the river after all, but after seeing a big wide bus approaching the bridge at 40 MPH and never even slowing down going over the thing, we decided to give it a go (and hope we didn't meet a bus!). Mindystayed behind to record the impending catastrophe. :)




Most streets in Teocelo are very narrow, too, many too narrow for two vehicles to pass at the same time -- particularly if you have a big truck as we do. Many streets wind their way down the steep hillsides of the town. Every street is an adventure with the feeling of wanting to discover what's behind the next bend overpowering. Note the great view all houses on this street have.








One thing that really impresses us is the pride of ownership evident in so many of the houses in Teocelo.







Our first invitation into one of these homes happened as we sat in our car on a quiet side street thinking about going to get something to eat. We were recognized by a man who is the accountant for Rancho San Gabriel and invited to come over to his place to say hello . By amazing coincidence Allajandro and his wife Alma Rosa lived only about ten doors down the street. We talked for a long long time over big glasses of fresh mango juice, finding out much about each other. We had to meet the rest of the family, of course, a pet turtle and a parrot. Their children are grown up now and raising families of their own.


Then Alajandro and Alma Rosa asked if we would like something to eat. How did they know?! We sure didn't refuse this unexpected invitation. We were served a grand dinner we could not believe, all prepared quite spontaneously on the spot. Our hosts had already had their Sunday dinner. Though Alma Rosa had a nice four burner electric range in her big kitchen, she rustled up our feast over a wood fire.






The kitchen was only partially covered and located out in the courtyard were flowering plants grew everywhere, a most idyllic setting. The fusion of indoors and outdoors is so appealing in Mexican homes. When we finally stopped stuffing ourselves, Alma Rosa picked orchids and placed them carefully in Mindy's hair.




To be continued...