Solar Haven
Straw Bale Wall Raising

(May 12-13, 2001)

The barn raising tradition of old comes alive again.

Attempting to line up a bale exactly over an "all-thread" rod before lowering it onto the wall. The rods connect down through the bales and attach to the rebar in the foundation. Once the walls are completed, they connect to the "roof-plate" built on top of the wall.

A "bale raising tripod" constructed by a friend
makes lifting the bales up into position and lowering them
accurately down over the rods onto the walls soooooooo much easier.

"Break time..."

Walls and roof plate are finished and ready
to receive the pre-manufactured metal trusses
(made from 80% recycled steel).

Roofing, windows, insulating, and plastering...

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