"A Simple RV Hydronic Heating System"

Published in "Home Power Magazine", this home-made heating system
kept a 28' travel trailer toasty warm and used about
half the gas and electricity to operate
as the forced air furnace it replaced.

"Paradise Journal: Adventure in New Zealand"

A two week honeymoon in New Zealand stretches into
a 13 month adventure in a remarkable and unexpected land.

"Seat-of-the-Pants" Computer Driving"

"Everybody Loves Squirt"

"By the Grace of God"

A harrowing trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon...
alone and in the middle of Winter.

"The Amazing Recorder"

A brief illustrated history of the recorder
for folks who are relatively unfamiliar with the instrument.

"Producing the Recorder Music MIDI's"

"Everything you thought you never particularly wanted to know about MIDI,
but should have asked about anyway."

"Commander Ghost Cat"

"Commander Ghost" on duty at the
Solar Haven Desert Pack Rat Patrol
Tucson, Arizona

(the true story in photographs)

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